Sunday, December 18, 2016

Queen Hillary

It was quite obvious among those of us reading non-authoritarian news that the election was much closer than the authoritarian news was making it seem.  Cooking the polls seemed a risky strategy--even my kids picked up on this--because there was a very real chance that people who WOULD have voted for Hillary just stayed home since it was projected to be a blowout.  It would be far safer, if she actually was far ahead, to have made it seem close.  Trump, quite obviously, had considerable momentum, so there was never much real chance that his voters would be so discouraged they would stay home.  Republicans, in general, are more likely to vote in any event.  Democrats are disproportionately affected even by minor factors like rain.

So I would like to propose something I have not seen proposed: perhaps they were simply afraid to bring their Queen bad news, lest she scream "Off with their heads!!!"  She did in fact ask at one point, as fellow wonks will recall, after she spent some $200 of other peoples money attempting to demonize Trump, why she wasn't 50 points ahead.  

There was supposed to be a script: you capture the media, you spend a crap-ton of money, and you WIN.  That's how it works.  There is a system, a machine, where you simply push a button here, pull a lever there, and the results follow like water coming out of a faucet you have turned on.  This assumption was why she was such a lazy, crappy candidate, who could do well enough in debates, pumped full of the best stuff money can buy, but otherwise largely stay home, and do whatever someone like her does when she isn't working.

Despite having written about the headless ones, specifically, since the last election, and of course writing about the Left long before that, it continues to puzzle me how so many can be so lacking in the capacity for reflection on both their chosen and publicly stated positions, and the implications of a successful electoral college coup, that they continue this unprecedented campaign of vicious, unlawful and brazen harassment of Electors who have never before in American history been so treated, as far as I know.

In the worst case of treason to their duties, in 1808 I believe it was, SIX Electors either didn't vote or flipped.  They want 37.

Well, nobody thought Trump would win in the first place, and we knew it would be a continual battle with these savages, so I think the right thing will happen tomorrow.  I am going to drink a toast to them and to the American people--who have not gone completely mad--when it does.

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