Saturday, December 24, 2016


Self evidently, I think I'm one of the smartest motherfuckers around, except when I'm being fucking stupid.  It hits me, and it takes me a minute to notice.  Sometimes, I must admit, perhaps I don't notice.

Be that as it may, I was gratified to read a comment today that felt like something I could have written, except that some of these facts--I assume they are facts, being certainly plausible--were unknown to me.  This is good enough it warrants reposting.

It is a response to this article, calling for manna to fall from heaven to the coloreds (it is a racist article, and warrants descriptive words which are likewise racist) of America, because racism.

Good try. The truth is that the Democratic Party is still just as evil, still full-on Bull Conner-Lester Maddox, bull-whipping, fire-hosing, dog-biting racist. Except, now with a happy face. A smiley face.
One look at the cities you racists have run proved that you have simply replaced one plantation for your captive constituency, harnessed them up to those fine beneficent government programs rather than a plow. Same mindset, same contempt for minorities that you have always had. Your condescending expectations for blacks and Hispanics are lower than they are for whites or Asians, which is the classic definition of a racist. Monsters, all of you. I expect the same educational standards and the same standards of behavior out of every child and adult, I don’t condescend to someone because their skin is darker than my own, but then I am not a leftist who lives in a self-congratulatory fever dream, proud of myself because I have P.C. approved ideas and beliefs.
There is no one in the world more racist than someone who expects less of someone based on their race or ethnic origin, who sneeringly offers them only hand-outs, never the honor of being treated as an equal, which is why I despise all of you.
And of course what has this President done for people in the inner cities and rural areas where there are poor whites, blacks and Hispanics with so many problems? He won't even visit a barrio, a ghetto or a holler, except of course when campaigning for the White House, when he has not choice to mix with people who aren't part of the connected class. No, he can't even tear himself away from the golf course or the Hollywood fund raisers or his audiences with Beyonce and Jay Z to actually work on solving some of the issues in our cities.
Your dirty party has resided over every American third-world hell hole for more than fifty years. Where was all the hope and change? Trillions of dollars have been transferred to the cities since the War on Poverty was declared when I was a young man and guess what? Poverty won. The problem isn't money but a bunch of dirty corrupt Democrats who belong on a work farm, not in the Mayor's office or state house. They want to keep inner city people poor, dependent and compliant. I have made a practice of visiting Americas ghettos and barrios and low-income rural areas and there are places that look more like Berlin in 1945, then they do Broadway or Pennsylvania Avenue. Camden. Newark. Philadelphia. New Orleans. St. Louis. Detroit. Gary. East St. Louis. Baltimore. What do they have in common? High crime, few economic opportunities, expensive but lousy government schools, single mothers, absent fathers, substance abuse and breathtaking violence and the common denominator - Democrats, Democrats, Democrats. For fifty seventy-five, even one hundred years, nothing but dirty 
And the feminists? No where to be found, too busy trying to cook up a fake rape crisis on campus to look at the real ones. Do you have any idea of what the rate of rape is in East St. Louis? 200 per 100,000 residents. That is the type of rape statistic you saw in Berlin after the Red Army sacked it and went on a rampage. But no scummy leftist or feminists gives a damn because the victims and their victimizers are inconveniently black and they only care about white rape victims or well educated and photogenic victims. The murder rate in East St. Louis is 101 per 100,000, which is higher than El Salvador and Honduras two of the most dangerous nations on the face of the earth. Where is the New York Times? The Washington Post? CBC? ABC? Fox? No where, because the victims are inconveniently black and in reality to the "leaders" be they black, white or Hispanic, inner city black lives don't matter at all.
Then, you "white allies" have the temerity to try to portray the malignant communist-backed malcontents of Black Lives Matter as some sort of civil rights movement. Then you preen and pose and signal your virtue by marching and chanting, marching and chanting. Meanwhile young black men are killing each other by the thousands each year and its all shut up in the media because it embarrasses you idiots. None of you give a damn about what happens because all you pawn everything off on the idea that the government is going to solve all the problems. Well, guess what, they aren't getting solved.

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