Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Milo: "The "fake news" crusade, which is an attempt to delegitimize conservative news sources as revenge for Trump's election, will have only one result: even more damage done to the credibility of mainstream, left-wing news outlets and TV stations. Good!"

As I think about this whole thing, the absurdity that it has been advanced in public, I reach another conclusion: no one is saying the Russians told lies.  This is not the claim made.  No one is saying they hacked our voting machines.  What they are saying--this is the core claim being made by ostensibly serious people supposedly doing their jobs diligently--is that the TRUTHS they spread so influenced weak minds that they made a BAD DECISION.  This is what they are saying: we need a new election because the American people made a bad choice, because they failed to do EXACTLY what we told them to do, and the only possible explanation for that is that someone else got to them first.  It's not that they understood perfectly well the choice in front of them and made a sane decision.  No: the vanity of our press is such that they CANNOT COMPREHEND the election of Trump in terms which preclude their own moral authority and ideational supremacy.

So Milo is absolutely right that the same people who told the press to go fuck themselves on November 8th are going to have even LESS faith in them now, and their numbers will no doubt grow, as more and more people awaken to these patent absurdities, grotesque hypocrisies, and efforts to vitiate the 1st Amendment.  Nothing in the 1st Amendment requires anyone to tell the truth about anything.  We all know that if you lie often enough, people stop listening to you, and if actual damages occur, then we have a court system.

Even though the media is adept at creating the illusion that large numbers of people hold whatever opinion they are pushing, in large and increasing numbers people are simply ignoring them.

I will add too that the very vigorousness and energy being used to attempt to invalidate this election means we PICKED THE RIGHT GUY.  If Wall Street was fine with him, none of this would be happening.

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