Friday, December 30, 2016

The Obama Quandary

There can be little serious doubt that Obama--and handler Valerie Jarrett, who should not be left out of these narratives--broke the law continually and shamelessly for substantislly his entire time in office. The list is necessarily truncate because my memory and time are limited, but ponder Fast and Furious, the corruption of the IRS for nakedly political purposes, the illegal war in Libya, the illegal transfer of arms and provision of training to jihadists in Syria, the release of 5 senior Taliban commanders in exchange for deserter Bo Bergdahl (which violated a law HE signed), the corruption of the FBI by James Comey, and others I am forgetting. In a country ruled by LAW our current President should have been impeached and removed from office and criminally prosecuted and jailed long ago.

But we do not live in a country ruled by law, do we? Class and connections get some of us much better deals.

It does seem obvious though, that the egregiousness of Obamas crimes indicate the PLAN was a continuity of power from one criminal regime to another, and crooks cover for each other.

The problem with Obama pardoning the Clintons (Bill, Hillary, and likely Chelsea and her husband) is that he himself has done things that could and should get him arrested--not political crimes, to be clear, but crimes which undermined Ametican safety and security, got thousands of innocent people killed, and which were committed solely out if selfish personal interest.

Now, in an ordinary, sane world, Trump would have to weigh the risk of alienating a large segment of the electorate if he chose to prosecute their Messiah and his trplacement, but I would argue the profoundly violent and infantile response of the Headless Ones actually creates an OPPORTUNITY. Here is the thing: with that much hate, there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, he can do to win them back,, they are gone and will stay gone. They are dead to him politically.

But the people who put him in office want to see some respectability restored to our government, some possibility of trust returned. They want the IRS and DHS, and FBI, and ICE (another scandal), and CIA, and EPA (another scandal), etc., PURGED of all the people who committed crimes for political purposes under Obama.

And they will be HAPPY to see at least Hillary prosecuted, and most of us would feel a whole lot better about the integrity of our government if Obsma and Jarrett were prosecuted too. I think that would be a no lose proposition for Trump. There is no point triangulating with lunatics who hate you. Double down with the people who love you.

I think some of this calculus shows in the desperate and ludicrous things Obama is doing, like expelling Russian diplomats based on charges even he knows are cooked up. He knows this is stupid and wrong. But I think the full gravity of the possible blowback resulting from his wholesale assault on our institutions and the values they represent is still sinking in. He has been in denial. This was not  the game plan. This is not how it was supposed to work.

And at the end of the day, his intelligence has always been vastly inferior to that claimed for him.

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