Monday, December 12, 2016

The Russians

There is no evidence of actual vote tampering by the Russians.  Indeed, all the fraud which seems to have happened favored the Democrats.  We know that cheating is and more or less always has been a part of their strategy.  If nothing else, O'Keefes videos made that obvious.  The recount in Michigan seems to have been stopped in part to avoid disclosure of the sheer extent of Democrat fraud.

So the allegations must necessarily revolve around Russians working to create narratives which favored Trump relative to Hillary.  If we are to concern ourselves with organized propaganda offensives, then, why would we not stop to ask how it was that a horrible human being, failed leader, and blatant crook like Hillary was supported so aggressively that she was even in contention for the Presidency in the first place?  Is it not possible foreign powers worked hard to ensure their narratives were on the nightly news every night?  Did not the Saudis fund something like 20% of her campaign?

It does seem like the world is shrinking, that people's capacity for attention, for memory, for critical and logical thinking is decaying.  How else to explain the monstrosities being presented as credible ideas, and the patent willingness of imbeciles in large numbers to swallow and regurgitate them reliably?  We literally live in a world where they can change their story 180 degrees, one day to the next, and half the country fails to even notice.  One would think DoubleThink would be something you had to force on people, that you had to break them so they would accept it.  No, it turns out all you have to do is teach them the importance of being a member of the herd, and to blindly trust the leaders of that herd.  As long as they are surrounded by people mouthing and agitating the same idiotic and contradictory propaganda, they feel not just OK, but SUPERIOR.

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