Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Who the fuck is really in charge?

Net: we seem to have sold Saddam Hussein essentially ALL the WMD components which suddenly became a problem in 1991 when apparently, or perhaps intentionally, incompetent diplomacy led to his invasion of land he had long considered part of Iraq, and a strong response, which included the bombing of military facilities we KNEW had chemical and biological agents in them, and the exposure to sarin gas of up to 100,000 US troops, an exposure that I think up to this day has not been admitted.

We created ISIS as a tool to help the Qataris build their natural gas pipeline across a Syria now ruled by Islamic radicals.

I really hope the early indications that Trump scares the shit out of a lot of the power elite indicates that he is going to get our shit straight.

Add to all this government complicity at least in a cover up regarding 9/11, and we have Presidents and senior leaders who belong in jail or shot.  All the killing, the torture, the ruined lives and nations: they are worth something.  And much or all of it was unnecessary policy, pushed by psychopaths to further primitive emotional purposes.

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