Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wisdom, and a ritual comment on the Left

I think the essence of the word wisdom as I would want to use it is the ability to understand deeply how the world is AND to retain the ability to interact with it creatively, openly, and in a relaxed and even playful manner.  Certainly some people are happy, but most are a bit happy and a bit unhappy, and all too many live in hells of various sorts, filled with death, pain, destruction, confusion, isolation, and hopelessness.

My good nights are my drunk nights.  My bad nights are sober.  I am trying to encourage the latter presently, and all sorts of visions frequently come through me. [Edit: I have as yet no symptoms whatsoever of alcoholism, and I hope I never do.  I am speaking of dreams, and traumatic eruptions in my sleep, of the sort which make the prospect of pursuing a girlfriend more problematic than for many people.  I am trying, again, to quick drinking, but without the feeling of losing a friend, which is what breeds relapse.  A clean break is the product of doing your work, which is what I try to further a little bit each and every day, and feel warranted in saying I do.]

Since I feel many things, and have long allowed what is wicked and ugly in me access to my conscious awareness, I see many things.  You cannot accurately identify a feeling you have never felt, but I have felt most of them.

I feel the insanity on the Left at the moment.  In large numbers they are in full blown limbic activation, some even in the freeze response.  One can reasonably ask, why?  How could educated people in such large numbers fall into and STAY in such a primitive response?  After all, the POINT of a Liberal education is to teach more effective use of the frontal cortex, of the reasoning and social brain, and to facilitate the development of the ability to interact within the domain of reason and shared interest with various sorts of people.  Peaceful coexistence among diverse peoples depends on it.  The alternative is an emotionally rooted tribalism, which can and has led to most human conflict in human history, and is the antithesis of the claimed aims of diversity which animate the RHETORIC of the Left.

The answer, self evidently, is that they do in fact live at the tribal level, at the limbic level.  As the old saying goes, you can't reason your way out of positions you didn't reason your way into.  All these people were simply led down a primrose path which they were told was the path of emotional simplicity, goodness, social inclusion, and the cessation of the need to worry about the future.  Trust, and all will be taken care of is the mantra of the Left.

A cult, in other words.  And for the same reason some people get REALLY upset when their sports team loses the big game--even though it doesn't actually affect their lives in any way many take it very personally--the member of the cult of Identity, self evidently, stake their sense of self on belonging with this group, whose power is their source of solace, whose power is their sense of safety.

That power was soundly rejected, on a national level.  They can no longer assume that they and theirs are in control, and since they have relocated all their conscious awareness of their own hatred, genuine racism, greed, violence, etc. into psychological projections of the hated Other, they see visions of destruction and doom which would overwhelm most of us, even if most of us would never allow ourselves to get that mentally ill in the first place.

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