Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Auditing the Fed

I really hope Trump will sign the legislation, and soon, to audit the Fed.  We the People of America more or less handed over what is likely now trillions of dollars worth of gold to the Federal Reserve when Nixon took us off the gold standard (which really wasn't a gold standard, but which was something at least slowing down the pace of money creation and theft by banks), and we have NO IDEA what happened to it.  Even though it is our money, it was handed over to the complete control of an institution which allows ZERO transparency, and which is owned and controlled by our nations largest banks with no Congressional control whatsoever.

Ponder that: our nations largest banks literally have the power to create essentially infinite amounts of money, which can be used for any purpose, with no one to tell them no,or even to KNOW that they did it.  They created $12 TRILLION in 2008-2009 to bail out, in some cases, OTHER NATIONS.

Now, they are not stupid, so they keep this massive transfer of wealth at a steady trickle, but it has been running for over a century.

Bottom line as far as Trump: our car manufacturers can build all the plants they want, and the building itself will employ a lot of people, but the direction of manufacturing is automation.  This is not the 1950's: the long streams of blue collar but middle class men with lunch boxes and thermos bottles streaming into the gates will be in the future a tenth or less of what it once was.

In order to avoid mass unemployment--or underemployment in the service and other industries--we have got to return the wealth stolen from the American people back to the American people.  We have got to make slaves of robots--Oscar Wilde long ago suggested automation would be the morally acceptable equivalent to slavery, creating time for an increasingly large leisured class--and make spare time a permanent feature of American life.

This all begins with an accurate snap shot of where we actually are, and how we got here.  We don't know, and can't know, until we penetrate the Fed's veil of completely ridiculous secrecy.  There is no down side to this bill and a major upside.

It seems likely Rand Paul--who seems to be developing a good working relationship with Trump--can make all this clear, once he is done with the Obamacare replacement.

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