Monday, January 23, 2017


As I think about it, I think one thing Trump can also begin doing immediately is point out that Social Security and Medicare are charity programs, in which people take out, on average, far more than they put in.

There is nothing inherently wrong with charity, obviously, even taxpayer funded charity.  To some extent, I think we will need some form of "safety net" for a very long time.

But we need to be clear that this thing has been a lie since the outset, when it was claimed it would be self funding, that people would get out only what they put in.

In trying to think clearly, it is important to use clear language, and the sooner most Americans realize that Social Security is charity and not their just deserts after a lifetime of work, the better.  I see that argument made over and over and over, that they are just getting what they deserve, and that they have been "robbed".  The ones getting robbed are me, and those younger than me.  The Baby Boomers are making out like bandits.  They paid far less in, and are taking far more out.

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