Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Communism defined

Communism is a creed which seeks as a matter of principle the enslavement of the mass majority of people, their relegation to profound poverty, their psychological torture by means of unrelenting and unavoidable lies, their social alienation by breaking up their families and desecrating their cultural history and current faith, and the elevation of a small elite to positions of wealth and power which are unassailable, being protected by a vast police and surveillance state.  It is profoundly atavistic, in that it constitutes a de facto return to the conditions which prevailed under the Pharaoh's of Egypt, but since it is based on lies, it calls this "progress".

This is the creed professed, whether they admit it or not, whether they KNOW it or not, by the people who will be inhabiting Washington on Friday and doing their best to attack our bedrock institutions, including the long tradition of the peaceful transition of power which they were lauding--because they were told to--as recently as the day of the election.

And I want to be clear that they are already the People of the Lie, as M. Scott Peck labeled destructive narcissists and sociopaths.  They have already internalized the ability to believe anything they are told, to reconcile seamlessly grotesque contradictions, and to reliably inhale and exhale hate, anger, and violence towards anyone who does not think like them.  They will be, clinically, a horde of fascists.

And of course, the threats may not materialize, but given the relentless propaganda, given the patent failures of Democrat leaders--notably Barry and Hillary--to make even token efforts to restrain them, given the blatant full blown amygdala hijacks plainly visible everywhere, it seems like it will be an interesting day for the police.  With luck, maybe they will get some "stick time".  I personally would like to see some of these demented, democracy-hating creatures get whacked around.  They intend nothing but destruction, feel little but hate.  They embody, in fact, EVERYTHING they accuse us of, and that is an ugly, ugly picture indeed.

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