Friday, January 20, 2017

Desperate measures call for desperate times

No sane person wants to live in a police state.  No sane person wants to be told where they can work, what they can eat, where they can go, who they can or can't marry, what they can or can't say or believe.

Leftism is inherently an impulse for total control.  It might start out rhetorically mild, but the core knows that some of their ideas will not be popular, and that some people will resist.  To correct this "problem", they use force.  The force, in turn, creates a further reaction.

Every turn of the screw creates more objections, more protest, and more repression.

What Leftists CANNOT accept is sustained peace and prosperity untainted by government control.  They need war, economic disasters, mass unemployment, crime in the streets.

This is why systemic problems of the real, versus imagined, sort, cannot and will not EVER be solved by anyone obsessed with dreams of turning society into an operational machine they control.  France has to have mass unemployment and crime.  The United States has to have its ghettos.

Black Lives Matter could quite easily be viewed not as a means of correcting problems, but of preventing their correction.  It acts to prevent rational dialogue about the REAL problems in black communities.  It acts to damage relations between police and those they are supposed to protect, which creates an even higher crime rate, and further following reliance on elitist Democrats to "save" them.

The people we need in our highest offices are not people who are trying to save the world.  We need people who view peace and prosperity as normal, as the proper way for things to be, and deviations from the norm real problems requiring sound solutions that work consistently, efficiently, and quickly.  We have not had such people in enough high places for a very long time.  I would estimate at least since the 1950's, and a better guess would be the 1920's.  And absent the Fed and fractional reserve banking, the Crash of 1929 never would have happened.  Hitler never would have come to power, and no second World War would ever have been fought.

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