Sunday, January 15, 2017


It seems to me that exaggerated feelings, out of control passions, are not the result of the capacity to feel, but rather of pervasive limitations in feeling.

Feelings are messages from our body self.  They communicate.  But when a feeling arises and it then runs into interference from some other body pattern--some chronic tension which hates and mistrusts change of any sort--it reacts by amplifying, lest it be ignored entirely.  The body system in turn strengthens its refusal.

This can result in what is called a "passionate" life, filled with impulsive decisions, powerful attachments generated in short periods of time, then broken, artistic or other obsession, and overall strong emotionality.

But what I would submit is that feelings exist across a spectrum.  They have countless discrete frequencies and amplitudes, and when allowed to, are in a state of continual, but balanced flux.  Emotionality, in contrast, only focuses on and abuses a few frequencies, and misses most of what would have been possible. It misses most of the beauty of the world, often in pursuit of beauty.  It misses happiness in pursuit of happiness.

Absent the capacity to connect in a deep, open way with all parts of the body, all sensory experiences, all momentary, evanescent "emergences"--which might be an image, a smell and a taste, or any other combination--truly "living", which is what seems to be the goal of most people, is impossible.

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