Monday, January 16, 2017

Froth mouthed assassins, aka the Headless Ones

it seems to me they can be usefully summarized as people who have not developed an ability to digest life. It is too much for them.

Consider what actors do, what Meryl Streep does: they pretend to be someone else, they inhabit someone else's life.  What better way to avoid learning to inhabit your own skin, to process your pain, to grow within a character structure which is, in healthy people, flexible, adaptable, coherent, energized and stable? That is someone else's list.

I read a number of years ago that she is a neurotic mess when she is between roles--between a vacations from her core reality--and can one not speculate that a lifetime achievement award conjures up anxieties of aging, of irrelevance, of finally being alone with her true self? What better way to redirect than an assault on someone everyone has already been conditioned to hate?

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