Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hitlerianism and losing big

Ponder the lunacy of calling a man "Hitlerian" who wants the policy of the American government he runs to be oriented around American interests.  Whose interests SHOULD they be oriented around?  And why the fuck would we want as President someone who wants to pursue anyone's interests BUT ours?

Is it fascist for someone in the Rust Belt who has been out of work a long time to want a job?  Is it fascist to want people guilty of rape and murder who are here illegally to be deported, or at least JAILED?  Is it fascist to want good trade deals?  Is it fascist to want to improve the schools in our inner cities?

Words have lost their meaning.  A large segment of our population has lost the ability to use the English language--or any other language--to engage in dialogue.

I will be honest: I don't have any good ideas on how to fix lunacy like that.  I am usually an idea man, but this is literally a form of cognitive psychosis. It can't be medicated, and for now at least it cannot be reasoned with.

Personally, I am wanting to see mass arrests and some head knocking by the cops.  It's not a solution, but it is at least not allowing the problem to fester in the open; and as a general principle of government people who are unwilling to engage in honest discussion can only be managed through fear.  Discussion is what we want.  It would be what we would want with the Islamists, too.

But if they won't go there, the next step down the ladder is effective counter-violence.  Take violence off the table and perhaps some will recover their senses and begin acting like social human beings again.  Don't bet on it, but one can hope.

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