Monday, January 30, 2017

It could be said

that the Left has laid a trap for ITSELF.

You only get large numbers of people under a big tent if you can convince them you are good people with good ideas; or that you can deliver the goods reliably.

But the facade of kindness is gone.  The facade of moderation is gone.  And they didn't even deliver the goods under Obama, to the extent they needed to to secure a broad base of support based on entirely on self interest.

Thus, the more they agitate, the more they drive people away, with no means possible of bringing in anyone who was not crazy to begin with.  Their present base of support should be viewed as a maximum, in my view, which will continue to decline, no matter how securely the complicit media thinks it has sealed the informational leaks.

The simple fact is that Rush Limbaugh is just one of HUNDREDS of conservative outlets, and Trump is not going to do anything to slow any of them down, ever.  Total Informational Control wanted a Hillary victory, and she lost.

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