Wednesday, January 18, 2017

James O'Keefe

Im having a hard time wrapping my brain around people believing propaganda that would have embarrassed IngSoc.

Be that as it may, one very important element of the election I have seen ZERO commentary on was the O'Keefe sting videos.  Obviously the media buried them, but they had the seemingly very important outcome of forcing the firing or resignations of the core of Hillarys dirty tricks team (does that make anyone else think of Nixons plumbers, but worse?).

One of them went so far as to tweet that she lost the election when she got rid of him. That may not have been hyperbole. Plainly much cheating happened anyway, and in the close States just a bit more cheating might have turned the tide.

Hillary ran a terrible csmpsign, was a terrible candidate, and had less charisma than Nixon. She deserved to lose and was only made competitive by relentless and aggressive propaganda, a dumbed down electorate, and LARGE piles of cash given on a quid pro quo basis. This is the truth.

Edit: as I think about it, the likeliest reason Hillary parted company with folks who had s long history of success is SHE DIDNT THINK SHE NEEDED THEM. By all accounts, she and her staff seem to have conflated polls they should have known wee skewed with reality.

I'm reminded of Faith Hill and the Grammies, but with a lot more profanity and drinking in Hillarys case. I hope she doesn't have s dog.

She's not really the dog type is she? I'm thinking more like piranhas and barracudas she can feed chum to every time she gets pissed.

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