Monday, January 23, 2017

John Podesta

There has been something that has bothered me since I read it, but I keep wanting, and not finding, the time to do a more in-depth analysis, of what came to be called "Pizzagate".

In one of his emails John Podesta wrote "should I play dominoes on pizza or pasta?"

In what I am told is called Handkerchief Code, which was a thing with gay men before being gay was even legal in some States, white means child, and black means sadomasochism. Within what I am told is a pedophile code, pizza means girl, and pasta means boy.

Self evidently, dominoes are white and black, and domino already contains the first two syllables of dominate.

That phrase makes no sense as anything but code, and any other coded interpretation seems unlikely to me.

There is something going on here that warrants FBI involvement, in my view, and I hope Trump orders it.  Her has a lot to do, but that would only take a phone call.

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