Sunday, January 22, 2017

Meaningful Engagement

These protests actually create a huge opportunity for Trump to continue the process of pealing moderates off from the Democrat brand.  This process has been on-going for years, but I think his moderation in the face of all this lunacy is an excellent background from which to accelerate this process.  I think he should make some sort of public statement saying something like the following:

"Look, I want jobs for American workers.  Does that make me a fascist?  I'm called a fascist by people who won't watch my speeches, won't look at my website, and who know NOTHING about me.  Mexico enforces its border as well as it can.  What is wrong with this?  Cesar Chavez wanted a strong border.  Was he a fascist?  Was he a racist?  Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted an America where everyone was guaranteed an equal shot at their own version of a good life, where ability and determination made the difference, not skin color.  Over and above anything else, our inner city schools are a DISASTER.  Am I a fascist to want to improve them? Would Martin Luther King, Jr. have marched in the streets to protect the jobs of incompetent teachers and completely useless schools?  No, he would not have.

I want good things for all Americans.  I want a strong economy. I want LESS government, not more.  Do all of you understand this is the OPPOSITE of fascism, which wants to control everything you do and say?

Folks, it's fine to disagree with someone, with their ideas.  But in OUR COUNTRY we value constructive dialogue, we value the negotiation of difference, we value meaningful engagement.

These people attacking my supporters with extreme prejudice, knowing nothing about them but that they support someone who wants to bring jobs back to America and protect our borders, they are engaging in meaningless activity.  Nobody learns anything.  Nobody becomes open to new ideas.  The ENTIRE point of that sort of thing is to instill fear in people,. to silence them with violence.  Nothing more inimical not just to the American spirit, but to human DECENCY, which transcends all cultures and times, could be imagined.

I am going to do my best for ALL AMERICANS--I can't emphasize that enough--and I expect that my work will even benefit strongly those who hate me the most. So be it.

God bless this country, and God bless you."

And there is no reason he can't make his own internet videos.  He can stage manage his own "press releases" such that they hit Facebook and supportive news sites completely intact.  He can do multi media where he includes videos--here, for example, of Trump supporters being attacked--with his narrative.

Hillary wanted to ban Drudge and Breitbart, and InfoWars, but Trump is in charge now, and those sites will flourish.  Trump can literally control his own coverage.

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