Monday, January 16, 2017

Meme and T-Shirt

I would like to see a "IT'S TRUMPS WORST WEEK EVER, AGAIN!!!!" t-shirt, and I would like somebody to put Obama's face on the king of Gondor falling off the cliff in Lord of the Rings, with "and thus ends the reign of Obama" printed on it.

If there was not this much friction, we would all be justified in being worried we made the wrong choice.  This friction is merely the crystallization of the hate that has impelled the Left to denounce all forms of common sense and common decency for the last 50 years.  One could make a case all this goes back to Wilson, and certainly to the attempted fascist takeover of FDR, who wanted literal government control over prices and most of the economy, and whose first administrator of the New Deal was a literal fascist, who thought Mussolini was a genius.

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