Saturday, January 14, 2017

National Guard General

It is a small thing, but I thought I might add my two cents.

The current commanding General of the National Guard in D.C. has remained in his post for all of Obama's tenure.  This itself is suspicious, given Obama's habit of politicizing everything. I think substantially EVERY political appointee of the last 8 years will lose their jobs within a week of Trump's inauguration, but not until after being asked detailed questions about what they have been up to, and after whose firing there will likely be thorough audits.

Trump needs somebody he can trust in the top post, given the promised riots.  That is why he is  putting his guy in, or so I understand.  He can't get him in until then, but 12:01 he's good.

And as I have said, these riots will not be the start of something new, but the ending of something awful that should have ended long ago.

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