Sunday, January 1, 2017

Obama and the Russians

It is obvious to most of us that, barring some unforeseen and unprecedented catastrophe which somehow prevents Trump from being inaugurated, everything Obama is doing at the moment, and most of what he has done as President, will be undone.  The pipeline in the vicinity of Standing Rock will be completed, the Keystone pipeline will be green lighted, Obamacare will be vitiated if not fully repealed, and a whole lot of people can expect to lose their jobs and/or face criminal prosecutions.  Obama had no Plan B.  And at this point, I can't see anything he can do which will not result in his immediate arrest which will stop Trump from taking office.  I guarantee he is not well liked by the FBI, by intelligence agencies other than the CIA, by the Secret Service, and is likely loathed by most of the military.

It seems equally obvious to me that he, the press, and a power elite that had grown very comfortable still cannot wrap their brains around the scope of the disaster.

Here is what I would suggest: Obama has NEVER been as popular as the media has suggested.  I think massive fraud was present both in 2008 and more notably in 2012.  Because Trump made it a campaign issue, it was vastly muted in 2016, such that it was not enough to carry the country.

But the numbers indicating a lot of people liked him were as wrong as the stories I read daily about how many people hate Trump.  He won the fucking election, DESPITE voter fraud.  Quite obviously, a lot of people like him.

James O'Keefe, of course, helped to get the dirty tricks team fired.  But the size of his splash was made much, much larger because Trump made it an issue.

Obama's silly gestures towards the Russians won't do anything.  It would not surprise me a bit to learn that after Obama's hissy fit and completely amateurish actions that Trump just picked up the phone, called Putin, and said "look, the JV team is on the way out.  He'll be gone in less than a month.  Just be patient, and let's work this out when I get into office."

I will note in regard to "tampering with democracy" that none of the Democrats seem eager to investigate the numerous cases of voter fraud--such as in Detroit--or the voting machine malfunctions, or all the other accidents that uniformly helped them and hurt Trump.  Nor do they want to learn more about DHS hacking attempts to the ACTUAL election computers in Georgia and elsewhere.

Electoral integrity, to be clear, is not their concern.  Their concern is not even that they really think the Russians did it.  They are just clinging to ANYTHING which hides from them the extent of their failure, and particularly what it portends for the future.  They cannot believe the world has changed so much so fast.  They went from a 98.1 percent chance Hillary would win on Nov. 8, to a man winning they said could never win.

But of course that world was a fabrication of their own making.  They created lies to further propaganda purposes, then committed the cardinal error of believing their own lies.

Ask yourself: what is Russia doing currently that we should be working so hard to restart the Cold War and turn prospective allies in the war on ISIS into devout enemies?  I continue to fail to understand the lunacy both of Obama, and fools like John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

Could we not even conceivably partner with the Russians to ACTUALLY end the Iranian nuclear weapons program?

It occurs to me as well that I have focused on the money making the Qataris and Saudis would get access to by opening up a second source of natural gas to Europe, but somebody has to build the pipeline, too, don't they?  Could that somebody not be American, and could they not get some share of the profits, which in turn would create business interests in Syria?  Could those people not buy off imbeciles like John McCain through intermediaries and bad arguments which were nonetheless good enough for him and his rapidly fading mind?

Diplomacy is really the art of the deal, of negotiated compromise.  In that regard, Donald Trump has been doing that job all his life.

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