Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Inciting a riot is a crime, likely a serious felony, if anyone is hurt. Those Democrat operatives who created the riot in Chicago can still be prosecuted, as can anyone calling for violence on Friday or this weekend.

It is appropriate Bill Ayers will be there to see the end of his era.

Trump is no Nixon: he is much more likeable. He has a Republican Congress, a clear mandate, and his opponents have been forced into INVENTING the galvanizing issues--racism, chicks with dicks using the women's room, misogyny--none of which he is guilty of.

There is no Vietnam War. There is no youth movement worthy of the name. There is nothing in the sails of the haters BUT hate, and that won't go very far. Already I am starting to see "former Progressive" in more and more comments.

Hate is such a dull place to live.

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