Monday, January 16, 2017

One way of putting it

A third of the electorate just dropped off the map.  They are still there, of course, but they are not reachable.  They are gone, for all practical intents and purposes.  They have signaled they will not cooperate with Trump in any way, for any reason, for any aim.

As I continue to say in slightly different ways, this is actually a great blessing.  There is no need to include them in negotiations, no need to consult their opinions, no reason to return the phone calls of the people who represent them, no reason not to do EXACTLY what the 2/3rd's of sane Americans want, which is bring back jobs, get us back to the health insurance we had, at least, enact a sane border policy, keep out people who want to kill us, put in place on the Supreme Court people who understand and respect the actual law, etc.

Trump had roughly 58 worst weeks ever.  He survived more scandals--most of them manufactured from whole cloth--than I can count.  There is little he could do or say to truly affect his REAL support, other than fail to follow through on his promises.

Fuck the Left.  They marched out of the room in disgust, and there is no reason to let them back in.

And to be clear, hyperpartisanship is what Obama led with in his first term.  Not only did no Republicans vote for Obamacare, I don't think any even got invited to the discussions.

What could the Left possibly offer to induce Trump to consider them?  They hate him.  They hate everything about him.  They severed the lines of communication.  So fuck them.

The media, of course, will keep doing what it does.  But self evidently, it wasn't enough to keep Trump from getting elected, and it won't be enough to keep him from increasing his popularity--his REAL popularity, as they keep trying to fix polls and drive opinion on that basis--as he moves from success to success.

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