Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pardoning Hillary

Here is the thing: Trump has to walk a tightrope on both targeting Hillary AND Obama, and pardoning Hillary will tilt that calculus in major ways.  Plainly, the simplest thing for him politically is likely to let sleeping dogs lie. He may or may not do this, because both Obama and Hillary are plainly guilty as hell of many felonies.  But it's the simplest thing for him to do.

He in fact more or less said he was going to let Hillary walk.  But she has done NOTHING to stop the relentless refusal of the Left to accept the results of the election, results they had no issue saying they would accept when they assumed, based on their own propaganda, that Hillary would win.  It's not hard to be a gracious winner.

And so, in the push and pull that is the political dance, they have created room for backlash, PARTICULARLY if the promised riots materialize, and neither Obama nor Hillary says or does a fucking thing to stop them.

And if Obama pardons Hillary, that is a big FUCK YOU, and there is no reason Trump couldn't just say "OK, big guy, how about we make YOU the target?  How about we investigate the Bo Bergdahl deal--which violated a law YOU signed into law?  How the Iranian deal, and the pallets of $100 bills?  How about Fast and Furious?  If a court sees it, and is adjudicated by someone honest, there is no way Eric Holder would survive, and they may well get him to finger Obama.  How about the IRS targeting, with key figures visiting the White House regularly?

I used to be able to count the scandals, but I lost that ability several years ago.  Bottom line: Obama is very vulnerable, and he has to know it. His best play is to discourage the demonstrations, be generous to Trump, and not to pardon Hillary.

And as far as that goes, both Bill and Chelsea, in connection with the Clinton Foundation, are also likely guilty of many offenses that would get them long jail terms.  Does he pardon them too?  Does he not make it obvious in the process that crimes were committed?

If Hillary had won, it would have been simple.  She would not have investigated anything he did, and in fact would have doubled down on nearly all of it. If your gang controls the police, nothing is a crime you don't want to be a crime. Her personality is much closer to a Lenin or a Hitler than Obama's ever was. She's determined, intelligent, absolutely amoral, and vindictive.  He's a boy at heart.  He's a soap opera actor, with soap opera gravitas.  Hillary scared the fuck out of me, as was no doubt obvious before the election.

Smart play: leave the White House as a gentleman, and not like an asshole.

And even there, Trump needs to figure out what DID happen.  There may well be stuff that just can't be overlooked or condoned for any amount of political advantage.  And on that score, too, Trump has no need to play to the Left--there is NOTHING he can do to make them like or even tolerate them.  As I have said, the hatefulness of the Left makes them LESS relevant, not more.  He showed by winning that a whole lot of Americans have stopped listening to the relentless propaganda put out by our fake news organizations.

As far as Trump's smart play, I personally would spend a month or two gathering data.  What they will likely find is either a ton of incriminating evidence, or mass evidence of data deletion, which is a crime, and which they should prosecute vigorously and promptly.  People will start squeaking.  These armchair warriors don't want to go to jail.

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