Saturday, January 14, 2017

Radical Professors

No political order can be so tolerant that it allows people to publicly call for its violent--or even peaceful--overthrow. This is suicide.  We have an extraordinary array of rights in this nation, and nothing that could replace it could duplicate them.  Our Constitution is the most perfect political document ever written.

As a general rule, the Bill Ayers of the world want a complete repudiation of most of the Bill of Rights, in favor of highly abstract and utterly unreal ideals like "Social Justice".  What they want is what a hundred million people around the world have died from, and millions of whom have risked their lives trying to escape.

What Bill Ayers wants is what the East Germans had to build a wall with machine gun turrets, barbed wire, spotlights, dogs, and landmines to keep people from running from.  It is what thousands of Cubans died at sea rather than endure.

It is what over a hundred thousand South Vietnamese died to escape.  They may not have known what Communism was in 1975, but within a few short years, they realized it was forced labor, mass executions, psychological torture, political corruption, the breaking up of families permanently, the seizure of land and property by demented political elites, and mass poverty.

Here is my point: we can and should deny Federal funds to any University which employs professors who profess this horrific and anti-Liberal creed.   Fire them all.  Given my druthers, I would probably arrest them.  They have been preaching treason for many years.

Lest I be misunderstood as lusting for the same power over others they crave, let me add simply that it is impossible to calculate how much horror and suffering their ludicrous and psychotic ideas have caused over the years, with their consistent defenses of the indefensible, and even now with their on-going idiotization and zombification of our youth.  Real people have died in the millions.  Lives once filled with hope have become caged in horror, all of which they have defended proudly and loudly.

As I have said before, too, I think all colleges receiving Federal funds should require their students to watch and take short tests on 10 Prager University videos a year.  If the Left wants to create an equivalent--over and above the daily and ubiquitous indoctrination already taking place--fine.  Over time, conservative ideas will win, because they are better, period.

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