Monday, January 2, 2017

Russia? Still?

Commenting on any of these manufactured controversies which erupted following Trumps victory has come to seem to me a species of perverse masochism.  They are so obviously fabricated, the arguments so weak, that one has to be a fucking imbecile to buy them, or in on the very poorly played game.

Be that as it may, ponder the spectacle of the same people who hate Citizens United with every bit as much fury as they were told to exhibit, being ENTIRELY silent on the issue of foreign governments funding our political candidates.  Hillary spent some 1.2 billion dollars, and I read the Saudis funded 20% of that.  That is a lot of money.  The Qataris, I think it was, sent Bill a cool million dollar check, just cause he's a swell guy.

Trump has proposed a ban on such investments in our political process, which DO stink as much as the alleged Russian hacking of John Podesta (which was likely done by UFO hunters, or our own intelligence apparatus).


How did the Russians help Donald Trump win the White House?

Answer: by helping the Democrats finally deliver on their long promised transparency.

I read even Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are buying into this "punish Russia" bullshit.  Well, Trump went around them to win the Presidency, and although it would help to have them now, there is a whole lot he can do without them, and not much they CAN do without him.

The Presidency remains a powerful office, and it is always helpful to be on good terms with the man occupying it.  And sometimes vindictiveness is a useful political virtue.  It helps the negotiating process by clarifying options.

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