Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spy versus spy

Steve Piezcenik ran information operations across 3 Presidencies (maybe 4), so of course if he was bullshitting, he did so professionally, but he said that there was an internal coup going on within the intelligence community to prevent Hillary from getting elected.

If true, there has been a robust, but pointless, effort at a counter-coup by OTHER elements of the intelligence community, which we might shorthand as the Mike Morrell's and John Brennan's of that world.  Nobody wants to talk about any of this.

But ponder the sight of a de facto war between agencies.  Ponder an agency--the CIA--intended to subvert and overthrow foreign governments, interfering nearly openly in our own.  Ponder a Senate Leader cheering them on.

Drain the swamp, Donald.  You're going to find a lot of ugliness at the bottom, but a lot of light and attention will fix it.  And these motherfuckers are not the omnipotent geniuses they have come to think they are.  They have testicles that will respond like any other testicles to a swift kick to the crotch.

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