Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stretch goal

The inevitability of death is at the heart of the human experience, but we really don't understand death.  Dogmatic materialists, obviously, claim without evidence that the brain and mind are one and the same.

However, LARGE amounts of evidence exist that this is not the case, that in fact something that is recognizable "us" continues after our bodies cease operating.

Would it not make a prodigious amount of sense to spend 1/1000 of what we spend on, say, Defense, to fund properly organized, methodical, scientific studies into things like NDE's, mediumship and the like?  The sort of thing done at the Windbridge Institute, but with Global Warming levels of funding?

What a revolution for the human species to have PROOF that we go on after death.

Trump is a maverick in many things.  He could easily--and quietly--order a Manhattan Project of this sort.  The potential return is incalculable in terms of global peace, relief of human suffering, and the clarification of what exactly we are here on this Earth to do.

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