Saturday, January 7, 2017


All tigers in the wild move the same way.  Absent injury, you can't tell one from the other by their posture and way of walking or running.

With people, of course, we are so different that technology has been developed for automated gait and posture analysis such that even in disguise some of us could be identified.

We hold tensions in various places habitually, and this affects how we move.

What I am realizing is that some part of me wants to hold onto tensions, because they are familiar.  But the image that is coming to mind is water.  Even if I have become used to the idea of water being constantly swept by wind, has its nature changed if the wind dies down?  Nothing has changed in the water itself.  Only my perception of it.  And in important respects, it is more itself, more natural, more real, more authentic when it is still.

Visualizing a pool of calm, blue water is actually a meditation within the Kum Nye practice, which I think comes from the Buddhist tradition.  But it is a relatively advanced practice, I think.  Certainly, I have had trouble with it.

That won't last forever, though.  Good things are happening.

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