Sunday, January 15, 2017

The CIA speaks

What needs to be made clear here is that senior intelligence officials took part in using and amplifying the "hacking" language--the intentionally evocative but vague propaganda words chosen carefully--of the Democrats assault on Trump's legitimacy.  They are not fucking imbeciles.  They know the phrase "hacking the election" is intentionally misleading.  They know that it is unlikely Wikileaks, and not Hillary's horrible campaign and long record of criminality, is what put Trump over the top.  They know, as far as that goes, how much money foreign nations donated both to Hillary's campaign, to the Clinton Foundation, and at least in the case of the $1 million check the Qataris sent Bill, to the Clintons directly.

Put another way, they have willingly participated PUBLICLY in supporting Democrat propaganda intended both to influence public opinion in a negative way about Russia, and to demonize Trump as the beneficiary of Russian influence, with the new meme, farcically enough, being that he is a puppet of Putin.

This is the same guy who got away with saying he liked to grab women's pussies, that he watched supermodels have sex, and who is on his third wife.  At this point, even if true, how dangerous COULD even a video of hookers peeing on a bed be?  We don't give a shit.  We are long past caring.  We voted for him because he has good policy ideas, and the ability and willingness to stand up to left wing bullies and pervasive propagandistic attacks.

But these intelligence agencies really have no excuse.  What they are doing is not what they are supposed to be doing.  This would have been the job of FBI--again, the counter-intelligence agency.  The CIA works everywhere else, the FBI works here.  What the fuck the DHS does, other than house ICE, the Coast Guard, and the Secret Service, I don't have a clue.  That is one agency likely ripe for mass layoffs, and perhaps extinction.

Net, net: Brennan is way out of line here.  He should be fired, but if possible not allowed to work in any capacity where his knowledge would be an asset to anyone but America.  I personally would just give him a fat pension and tell him to go hit golf balls somewhere.  And keep an eye on him.

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