Sunday, January 8, 2017

The coming darkness

I read Bill Ayers and others want to enact "Days of Rage" on a national scale, but particularly in Washington, D.C. As someone who planned the cold blooded murder of millions of Americans, he somehow finds Trump objectionable, because he has conflated his own propaganda with the truth.

I continue to be somewhat befuddled by how they can treat Trump--who on all accounts is a very congenial guy who treats his employees well, and hyperventilating complicit media claims to the contrary, has never said anything even remotely racist, and has certainly never blamed "black people" for anything the way Obama has repeatedly blamed "white people"--as if he is, to use the overused phrase, "literally Hitler".

They have no sane basis for making this claim.  Here is the claim I will make, though, which allows their ridiculous propaganda to make more sense on an emotional basis, which is its origin and destination (sometimes via circuitous and hazy waves of words): this will be the bookend to the 1968 Days of Rage.  It is the end of an era, of a bad dream, of a pompous, childish, absurd vision that America could be improved with a kick to its collective balls, and that the children of affluence who never held a real job, who never understood or even cared to associate with ordinary Americans, could somehow "perfect" this nation, if only granted access to the reins of power.

They got what they wanted in Obama.  He was the result of 40 some odd years of dissimulation and behind the scenes work.  It seems Ayers and his father played a direct role in his ascension, as a covert hard core Leftist, to our nations highest office.

And it has been a disaster, which all sane people could have predicted.  Nothing good has happened, and much bad has happened.  It continues to be the case that our nations universities have become hard core indoctrination centers, but we just saw in the last election that they are not churning out enough brainwashed and demented drones to overpower the vast majority of sane Americans in the voting booth.

I read Obama and the DHS just federalized the elections, presumably because they continue to believe their own lie that Russia influenced the election.  As with all things they do, this is poorly thought out, because it provides the perfect avenue for Trump to begin the work needed to help make Democrat vote tampering and election fraud a thing of the past. Absent fraud, they are on a steep downhill decline.

The Democrats, as I was reminded today, lost, on balance, the last three elections: 2010, 12, 14.  Yes, they retained the Presidency in 2012, but they lost seats in Congress, and nationally in the States.  Overall, they have lost, I read some ONE THOUSAND seats of various sorts under Obama.  This is a decisive and irrefutable repudiation not just of him, but of everything he stands for.  \

It is, to be clear, a repudiation of the fascist "democracy" (e.g. the German Democratic Republic, or Students for a Democratic Society) which Ayers envisioned, along with his wet dreams of murder on a scale larger even than that of Soviet Russia (edit: he wanted to kill 5-10 million more people than Hitler, making him and his co-religionists the only "literally Hitlers" in the room; as usual it is the ACTUAL fascist accusing everyone else of it).

48 years later, the 1960's are over.  Can we expect rage, violence, pouting, churlishness, anti-social behavior, bullying, spitting, shouting, screaming?  Yes.  But the institutions protecting our Republic--even if suffused with traitors, as I suspect many of our agencies are now after 8 years of Obama--will very, very likely prove more than sufficient to, in the main, ignore these pathetic Nazis, their jackbooted behavior, and their hatred of virtue, decency, and the American tradition of freedom.

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