Saturday, January 14, 2017

The fate of intelligence professionals

I remember watching a video I have since been unable to locate, of Mike Morrell--who was Deputy Director of the CIA, and acting Director twice--saying that we have ways of reaching out to Putin to fuck with him (in effect).  Not long after that, his chauffeur was killed in what looked like a hacking of his cars computer.  A lifelong skillful driver inexplicably veered into ongoing traffic, dying in a head-on collision captured on camera.  Morrell said his operations would not be traceable, but clearly visible to Putin.

Here is the problem: Morrell does not work for the CIA any more.  He works for Beacon Global Strategies which, interestingly enough, had strong ties to Hillary Clinton.  What do these people do?  Who the fuck knows?  But they have access to the knowledge of somebody who knew substantially everything the CIA knew.

This should not be allowed.  People who reach a certain level of security clearance need to stay in the government or retire.  People like Morrell have the knowledge to, oh, influence elections, wage propaganda campaigns, do blackmail, and as he insinuated was quite possible for private, for profit agencies, carry out contracts of various sorts.

Ponder this: our top intelligence directors going to work for private, for profit, MERCENARIES.  Anybody who knows what he knows should not be allowed to do that.  This becomes a de facto non-governmental agency capable of doing the work that organizations like the CIA do.  This means it can be contracted by foreign governments, private corporations, or even terror groups, to do whatever they have the ethical tolerance to carry out, and in his case, his ethical tolerance seems to be extraordinarily high.

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