Saturday, January 21, 2017

The hangover

I think in important respects, this moment in history could be viewed as the moment America stopped a long term drunken binge.  For decades, Republicans--the ostensible keepers of the notion of limited, Constitutional government--have given in to the Left, little by little.  A little here, a little there.

This is a bit like saying "every time I say racist we do a shot".  Inebriation--moral incoherence, political incoherence, confusion, getting lost--has been the result.

These children in the streets want to keep drinking. They want to continue to pretend the party can last forever, that deficits have no consequences, that policies can be imposed which can be paid for by gold farting unicorns.

Any time you stop drinking, the world slowly gets greyer and uglier.  But if that is what you see, that is what it was to begin with.  The task is to build an ACTUALLY better world, rather than a fucking pipe dream that will explode with time, by which time you plan to be dead or in charge.

And ponder too how disproportionate the outrage to Trump's pussy grabbing comment was.  We have allowed some 40,000 Libyans to be killed in a completely pointless civil war.  ISIS has murdered thousands in often horrific ways, all so Obama and Kerry could pursue a nonsensical goal of "regime change" in Syria, which most likely would have led to much more mass death.

All of these people had lives, families, hopes, dreams, homes, jobs: all destroyed, by Obama's evil policy.

And for Trump's part, you know what most likely followed any pussy grabbing he did?  Sex.  Really good sex.  The assumption is made that he grabbed women who were noncompliant, women who hated him, like these lunatics do in the streets of America.  No: IF he did what he said he did--and the more I think about it, Trump is one of the most impulsively honest politicians in American history, which is an asset in my view--then he did it with women who idolized him and wanted him sexually.  It was a form of foreplay, nothing more.

And none of the women who briefly appeared and then rapidly disappeared after the leak of that tape were credible.  Trump is a playboy.  That is the word.  He always has been, and has never been shy about admitting it.  He has seduced many women, some through blunt touch, and most of whom likely welcomed it.

Mass murder versus compulsive seduction.  Obviously, any reasoning mind has to find the latter much more objectionable, right?

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