Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The memory holes

I can hear the sound of batch deletes and paper shredders from here. The mindset is literally and with justice that if an army which has been conquered by an enemy, and fear trial for war crimes. Again, a comparison with the Nazis is apt, for the Left.

Julian Assanges gesture of $20,000 to any whistleblowers, but it's not nearly enough. They need immunity and protection from their accomplices. They need Trump.

He needs to announce the formation of a commission of some sort to investigate illegal document destruction, that he plans to prosecute those found guilty, and that he will treat as accomplices anyone found to have had knowledge of such activities who failed to step forth. The law is the law.

And John McCain may have committed a crime in leaking confidential documents, particularly since his intent was naked and eminently dishonorable vindictiveness.

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