Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Russian Zombie Story

That seemingly won't die.

Think about this. The allegation is that John Podesta was hacked by the Russians AND that they were then released to the public through WikiLeaks. Why does Julian Assanges name not appear in any of these accounts? Why, BECAUSE HE WAS BLACKED OUT BY THE MEDIA. 

These leaks were ignored by all the complicit media sources.  They were not part of the news.

Given how hard the media openly fought for Trump, the worst that could be said of the Russians is that they gave Trump a small weapon in his battles with his own party, the Democrats, and damn near every channel on the dial, including much of Fox.

And is it not a much more interesting question why Hillary wanted war with Russia so badly? Should increasing our risk of global thermonuclear war not count as a fit object for investigative reporting?

Everybody on the inside is batshit insane. They move in groups so they don't see it, but even serious left wing intellectuals from 50 years ago would not recognize any kinship with these midgets.

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