Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The world is showing it has lost its mind

I keep watching, with disbelief and amazement, how completely seemingly normal people have separated from the capacity to weigh facts in an even and reasonable manner.  One might agree or disagree with Trump's policy on immigrants, but it is certainly reasonable.  It is not a reason to call for his assassination, or to compare him with Hitler.

Hitler took people who had lived in their communities for very long periods of time, seized everything they owned, and put them on trains which more often than not led them to their deaths.

Trump is asking for a SLOW DOWN in the pace at which we let into our national home people who come from places where beheadings, bombings, rapes, pedophilia and the like are common.

Is it really so hard to see the difference?

Hitler talked relentlessly about Lebensraum, which all intelligent listeners understood meant at some point invading all their neighbors, which of course is what happened.

Trump talks about diminishing America's direct role in world affairs, a less aggressive foreign policy, and focusing on making the best of what we already have.

Is it so hard to see the difference?

What Trump has done is crystallize the lunacy and hatefulness of the Left, for all to see.  It is an ugly picture, one filled with mind numbing atrocities against reason and proportion; the complete eradication of the ability to hear, much less rebut in an even and emotionally neutral way, any opposing viewpoints, with hyperarousal being an ubiquitous outcome of even encountering an ideational Other for most Leftists, even the nice ones;  and of course the physical violence that follows all those unable to engage in reasoned dialogue.

Here is the thing: most cops and most of the military--particularly in the Mattis era--support Trump.  Violence might be an answer if Hillary were in charge and willing to encourage it like Obama did and continues to do.  But Trump is in charge.  There are limits to overt attacks on our system and its elected leaders.  Most conservatives own guns, most veterans are conservatives, and all of us are simply watching these street spectacles thinking WTF?  These kids think they are tough, but against the mass of people arrayed against them, currently peacefully, they don't stand a snowflakes chance in hell.

Again, I can only assume that Trump will continue to win.  The media can be ignored, and the protests can be ignored.  They claim to, but clearly do not, speak for most Americans.

Stay the course Trump, and put the screws to Congress to give you a repeal of Obamacare SOON, with Rand Paul's replacement.

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