Sunday, January 22, 2017

This craziness

As I continue to watch these melt-downs, these states of irrational hyperarousal and cognitive distortions, it occurs to me that on some level the Left has realized we reached a turning point.  Their agenda was seen, understood, and rejected by enough Americans to matter, and this has pushed them into panic.

Trump is not crazy.  You don't take $3 million and turn it into $3 billion by being crazy.

Trump is not even remotely a fascist, and all these ludicrous claims about concentration camps, and Hitler, are patently absurd.  They are off by many orders of magnitude.  There is ZERO factual basis for making them.

Here is what I propose: these people sold their souls, their responsibility for independent thought, for honest moral analysis, long ago.  They became slaves, because they could no longer tolerate their freedom, and entered a sadomasochistic relationship with the State understood abstractly, and expressed concretely as the means to achieving purportedly moral ends like "the end of racism", all while pursuing an aggregation of power that has NOTHING to do with achieving any concrete social or economic improvement.

They felt in their bones the creep towards an authoritarian State, one they felt they could trust to "deal" with all the unpleasant people who continued to cling to notions like freedom, reason, and a belief in God.  The "progress" was well under way, and they felt that there would never be a reckoning, that no one would ever confront them with regard to their irrationality, their expressed inhumanity, their soul darkening rejection of the possibility of a meaningful life itself.  All of this was latent, unexpressed.  Practically, in their daily dealings with each other, all was outward harmony.  Nobody spoke about or even allowed themselves to think that they were building an authoritarian State.

Then Trump happened, the unthinkable, the impossible: someone who spoke plain, obvious truths in public without shame or holding back.  Someone who contradicted their ludicrous assertions of Goodness and genuine caring by pointing out their shameless contradictions, their continual failures, their gross hypocrisy, their hatefulness, their continually simmering anger and vitriol.

That's a big fucking mirror for people who have allowed themselves to become soulless monsters to look into.  And it scares the living fuck out of them.  They can't escape it and they can't deal with it. Hence the massive hyperarousal.

But if we are to build a genuinely humane, decent future for our children, it was what was needed.  Trump is not a statesman, and he is not a philosopher.  But he is honest, genuinely concerned with Americans, and has a lifetime of experience in solving concrete problems.

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