Monday, January 16, 2017

Tough guys

I'm watching some of these videos of planned violence by the Left, and I'm wondering how vegan momma's boys will fare against combat veterans, or even country boys who grew up getting in bare knuckle fights (and some of whom continue the tradition as adults).

These people, because they are largely protected by police, and largely unmolested by them, think they are tough in groups.  They don't know what they don't know.  It's like somebody thinking they can box until they get clocked (true story in my case: I've seen the lights).  They don't understand from personal experience that saying "everybody has a plan until they get hit".

The vast majority of Americans have been tolerant. We have held our tongues, and checked our impulses of rage and violence, because we are decent human beings (who don't want to go to jail, either).

And that history may not change.  But it is clear to me at least that if things are pushed to a certain point, these children will find out who they are fucking with, and they won't like it.  There are a LOT of people in this country skilled and experienced in dealing out professional grade violence.

(Not me, to be clear!!!  Although I perhaps have more experience than many.  I've been in fights.  I've been kicked in the balls, punched in the kidney (very interesting experience one does not forget), gotten a black eye, nearly knocked out twice, choked so hard it hurt to swallow for three days, and did martial arts training for many years that left bruises all over my body, but none of that really counts, relative to combat veterans, and people who think a weekend isn't complete without a fight.  Still, I guess I wouldn't fuck with me.)

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