Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Travel ban, or whatever the hell it actually is

Here is the thing: Trumps policy does not ACTUALLY affect, if I had to guess, more than 1 in 1,000 people living her, or more than 1 in 1,000 people trying to travel here.  I read that on the first day of the "ban", some 325,000 people entered this country from somewhere else--this includes in my understanding all travelers--and out of those perhaps 150 were detained for further questioning, and most of those were released.  Even among those there was no significant inconvenience.

But the same people who would defend pedophilia and Islamic rape culture if told to do so, were out in the streets en masses, protesting what they were told was a "racist" ban.  They don't a fucking clue what the order actually says.  They don't have even a rudiment of a capacity to weigh this against past policy.  What were things like under Kennedy?  Reagan?  Obama?

They don't have a fucking clue what the actual law says.

In a world of instantaneous media consumption, where news has all the substance of Diet Frosted Flakes, people only know what the media tells them.  They can't remember what fucking happened two weeks ago, much less two years or God forbid two DECADES ago, which is recent history on most renderings of the idea.

So it is not a stretch to say our media is inciting riots.  They are willfully misrepresenting and underrepresenting important facts.  Now, I do not want any media bans, but I think those hurt by violence instigated by grossly misleading news stories should have the right to sue them for their blatant irresponsibility.  They never otherwise pay any price for lying to the American people, disrupting the peace of our streets, and continuing the long term process of diminishing the minds of ordinary Americans by feeding them a diet of shit and calling it gourmet food.  

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