Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump and Putin

I read Trump wants to meet Putin in Iceland, and it occurs to me a relevant question might be: what can you tell me about the operations of my intelligence agencies?  To the extent the American "deep state" (and I am glad to see that phrase getting quasi-mainstream acceptance, not least because we are seeing its fangs emerge now) has been agitating for war with Russia, Putin must have some idea what they have been up to, and likely who is involved.

And we share an enemy in radical Islamism.  To the extent we make Russia an enemy, they have no reason not to partner with Iran.  However, if we can make them a better deal--and deal making is what Trump does--then perhaps we can pull the rug out from under the Iranians and get actual compromises and an honest halt to their often stated plans to destroy the United States and Israel at the first opportunity.

To be clear, Putin is obviously no saint, but as Trump said on the campaign trail, he has much more consistently pursued Russian interests than Obama has pursued America's interests.  Putin's policies are rational.

Obama has pursued, on the contrary, virtually everything BUT our actual interests.  He was the engineer of this cluster fuck in Syria and Iraq.  Hillary was the architect of the mass violence, death, anarchy, and lawlessness in Libya.

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