Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump game plan

Some football teams will preplan their first twenty plays or so and do them no matter the outcome. Then, as needed, they make adjustments. It helps maintain focus and kind of puts the teams energy on a railroad track.

Likewise--and this certainly what he is signaling--I think Trump should ignore the press completely for 100 days. It's been HIS WORST WEEK EVER pretty much every week since he announced his candidacy, so getting a real handle on things will be next to impossible. And he was voted in to do a job, and enacting a policy agenda is no different in principle than erecting an office building. As Charlie Beckwith said, on getting things done, you develop a simple plan, communicate it to anyone affected, don't change the plan, and kick the shit out of it.

That's what Trumps done all his life, so I like our odds of getting everything, or close to it, that we voted for.

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