Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Without giving up too much detail, some years ago, somebody I know told me somebody they knew, in a unit involved in such things, said that waterboarding in the right context was a virtual gift from God.

Now, some people do not respond to torture--and it is torture, although torture most of our special operations forces have to undergo, and which leaves no marks--but most do.

This person said that in dynamic situations flipping people with "enhanced interrogation" was easy, quick, and productive.  They flip one, move on to the next.  In situations like Iraq when attacks were common, it is easy to see the value of this intel.

Now, I have not forgotten the Berkeley dude who wrote the rules around this whole thing, and I applaud him for it.  There need to be rules.  We Americans are not Nazi's.  But once the conditions are met, which include a present danger, then the process has merit.

Now, if there is not present danger, or reason to believe a given person knows nothing, then we should leave it alone.

Here is the thing: this is a tool, but one which should be used wisely, judiciously, and appropriately .  We need to remember terrorism is truly a thing, but one which most benefits those who hate our democracy.  Don't forget who you are, what you believe, and where you come from.

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