Saturday, January 21, 2017

We survived Obama

It was a bit surreal watching Obama getting into the helicopter with Michelle.  8 years ago many of us felt great fear about what was to come.  And Obama did pretty much what we expected, but we all benefited greatly from his innate mediocrity, his lack of genuine drive, and the profound incoherence that befuddled everything he did.

Clearly, he politicized our government, with the clear intention of handing it to Hillary to finish the task.  Many government agencies did patently illegal things intended almost entirely to help ensure Democrat victories illicitly, without appeal to ideas, or recognizable benefits to anyone they were asking to vote for them.

It is quite possible government agencies were involved in assassinations domestically.  Certainly, this has been claimed for people like Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, and even Tom Clancy.  I continue to wonder the connection between John Podesta talking about "wet work" and Antonin Scalia's odd death three days later.  Perhaps Trump can provide the cover for an honest investigation into all these.

I continue to believe there was a massive coverup at Sandy Hook, and quite possibly no shooting at all.  Experts who have looked at it continue to say it was the most screwed up and incomprehensible thing they have ever seen, and the FBI officially did not recognize ANY deaths there. That single data point should raise the eyebrows of any intelligent person.

I could go on, but all this is now in the rear view mirror.  There is much that can, should, and hopefully WILL be investigated now that we will have an Attorney General who considers the laws more important than partisan politics.  And in any event, enforcing the laws will likely prove highly partisan for the simple reason that the Democrats seem to have gotten in the habit of breaking any and all of the laws that they find inconvenient, at all levels of the government.  No doubt there are guilty Republicans, but clearly much of the swamp exists to further the agenda of the Deep Government, which has always leaned (D).

And I have not forgotten the claims made by Eric Prince that Anthony Weiner's laptop contained a vast trove of horrible material implicating much of our government.  Perhaps Trump will see fit, if it is there, to use it as a weapon, but my sincere hope is that if crimes have been committed, that he will do the right thing and arrest and prosecute the offenders.

I think part of my odd mood too is that after many years of anxiety, I'm going to have an interesting time learning to process the idea of having someone in our highest office who is both honest and competent. Such, at any rate, is the reasonable hope of many of us.

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