Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Trump has that Reagan didn't

Reagan won--and won against widespread expectations, like Trump did--because Carter was blamed, partly rightly, partly wrongly (the Fed played a key role) for a national malaise. But Democrats generally were not blamed. Throughout his eight years--and for that matter Bush's four years and the first two years of Clinton--Democrats controlled Congress. If you said Liberal people thought of Norman Lear or Alan Alda: smug, but still pro-American. Tip O'Neill did his prodigious drinking with Republicans too. There was a sense of back and forth, that things were basically working. Say your piece then don't worry about it.

But the Democrats have moved far to the Left and introduced a winner-takes-all mindset. Obama was hired to play hardball, to be hyper partisan, to divide the political world into us and them. They have forced a choice on people, and to their shock and dismay, people have rejected their venom and mouth frothing.

In many people's minds, what best represents the Democrats are mobs in the street, anti-white racism, anti-Americanism, and economic delusion.

So Trump enters the White House, unlike Reagan, with majorities in both houses of Congress, clear national movement in a conservative direction, and a mandate to say things, often, that piss off the Left. He doesn't need to be statesmanlike. Obama may have acted above the fray but he rubbed elbows--like Hitler, come think of it--with street thugs, crooks, and professional haters his whole time in office.

What we want is promises kept, clear talk, and sound policy.

This is possible, now.

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