Monday, January 30, 2017

Why I'm bullish on Trump

His approval--and specifically the approval for the temporarily added restrictions on travel from Islamic violence infected nations--continues to be around 57%.  His support goes UP the more people yell at him.  That has been a consistent pattern.

And here is the thing: Americans don't like bullies.  We despise them in our DNA.  And the Left, not Trump, is playing the role of bully, and has been for some time. There is nothing fascist in wanting to have a good job.  There is nothing Hitler-like in wanting reduce red tape.  There is no incipient Holocaust afoot when Trump lays the groundwork to build a wall.

I am seeing, over and over and over, not just Trump supporters being attacked, but being sucker punched from behind, or from the side, by ghouls with their faces covered, traveling in packs like the mindless zombies they are.

A strong case can be made that this nation is not just Republican, but SOLIDLY Republican, especially now that the Unions have caved in to the radical Left, and stopped even pretending to give a fuck about protecting or building American jobs.  We will see the results, but it is my belief that Obama quite possibly did not win EITHER of his two victories without cheating.  They have Philadelphia as a vote-packing powerhouse. Detroit.  Milwaukee.  Perhaps Miami.  They have large cities controlled by Democrat thugs who stuff in enough extra votes to overwhelm the rest of the State and push it Blue.

But this cannot happen with sane voter laws.  No other major nation is so stupid as to not require ID to vote.  I suspect few other nations would be so stupid as to trust voting machines--which are electronic, and as such can be hacked and rigged--with no paper backup.

As I keep saying, more and more and more people are going to say to themselves "what is crazy or horribly wrong about asking more questions of people from nations filled with violent radicals"?  Why shouldn't we want more American jobs?  What is Hitler-like about REDUCING the power of the Federal government and returning power to the people?  What is NOT Hitler-like about attacking people in the streets to intimidate them?

When we lost in 2008, what conservatives did is go back to the drawing board, and figure out how to convey our message more effectively.  Dennis Prager created Prager U.  Many speakers developed regular educational programs, like Andrew Klavan.  All across the board, people were figuring out ways to get the word out, to speak more clearly to more people.  This is because we have the ideational high ground.  We have more and better ideas than the goons in Portland.

What does the Left have?  Well, they are showing us, aren't they?  Beating people up in the street does not play well in this country, not to ordinary people.  The media can only spin this so long before the WHOLE FUCKING THING BLOWS UP EVEN MORE IN THEIR FACES.

Trump is already a big, and unexpected, fuck you to the media and the ghouls who want to do their dirty work in the streets.  That fuck you will become louder, deeper, broader, and more comprehensive and Trump continues to clear the swamp, deliver jobs, and ignore everyone screaming at him, in his quest to end the suck.

Power to the people.  Power to Trump.

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