Friday, February 24, 2017

Audit the Fed

Now is the time.  Is the gold in Fort Knox?  Nobody in government knows.  New York?  Nobody in government knows.  Do member banks routinely vote themselves the creation of hundreds of billions of dollars?  That one, likely yes.  They call it Quantitative Easing, and tell us the on-going dilution of the value of our money, which is profitable for them, is somehow essential to an on-going economic "growth" which does little to make the average American work less for the same money, despite continual productivity gains.

The giant, silent sucking sound at the center of our economy is that of people doing EXACTLY what Marx accused Capitalists of doing: getting rich while contributing nothing inherently useful.  An industrialist has to build a factory.  A banker just has to create the money to loan to the industrialist, and they both get rich, even though only one of them actually makes anything.

Ford was right and wrong when he said, approximately  "it is probably a good thing most Americans don't understand our financial system: if they did, they would be up in arms by tomorrow morning."  He was wrong, in that they SHOULD be made to understand, to care, and to force our elected representatives to fix this system.

Auditing the Fed of course is just the beginning.  It is the institution of fractional reserve banking itself, which it serves to support, which needs to be ended.  It is theft.  Monetary inflation is theft.  It is theft which does sometimes benefit the economy, but without which, the economy overall would not long need.

Everyone a Capitalist ought to be the proper motto of the Right and the Left.

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