Saturday, February 25, 2017

Clarifying Statement

Everyone has the right to speak their mind, but nobody has the right to demand people listen.

When Trump says the media is the enemy of our country, he is, OBVIOUSLY, not saying that we should not have a free press, or that news should not be reported.

What he is saying is that most media outlets have set as an agenda the eradication of our Constitutional protections from tyranny, the cessation of independent thought, and the disruption and eventual eradication of alternative viewpoints.  They work hand in glove with the radicals--which is the core--of the Democrat Party, Quisling Republicans, and very, very wealthy people who hope to use the new order for their own benefit.

CNN will not be banned.  It will simply become progressively less relevant, at least if the American people are not as stupid as CNN thinks they are.

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