Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Counter intelligence

Trump, effectively, has a den of spies working against him, at all levels of his Administration.  He needs to find people he can trust, put them in key positions, and start firing, demoting, and jailing people who are actively conspiring against him.

I proposed in the past, and will propose again, a reinstitution of the Roman practice of decimation. Take the IRS.  It is an active political organ still working for the Democrats.  Trump needs to arrest and put on trial and jail everyone who broke the law, fire everyone remotely close to political activity, then fire every tenth person from top to bottom.  They will remember that.

Many agencies--the EPA is another, and perhaps even the CIA (ATF and DEA I think we should eliminate: the list of agencies needing a kick in the balls is long)--need this sort of treatment.  Call it a purge if you want, but we cannot run a government where a sizable number of the people whose salaries we the American people are paying, and who are supposed to work FOR US, and who WE ELECT, refuse to do so.

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