Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cultural scapegoating

One of the lesser commented on but ubiquitous features of histoical fascisms of both the communistic  and nationalistic varieties is blaming some group for all the problems of the nation. Hitlet blamed Jews, bankers and Bolsheviks. Mussolini blamed socialists as well. The Soviets blamed fascists, kulaks, the bourgeoisie and more others than I can count, including dissidents in their own parties. They had a lot of hate.

The concept of "white privilege" needs to be seen through this filter. Not only does the Left have street gangs at work to try and intimidate people they don't like, but also have a scapegoat. It is an odd scene, whites blaming whites, but they get excused through self loathing and a willingness to wear hair shirts.

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