Monday, February 27, 2017


As should be obvious, if you are shouting at the top of your lungs 24/7 that people who disagree with you are "being divisive", you are the one actually guilty of it.  It's slightly elevated version of "who smelt it dealt it", but it operates at about the same level of maturity.

If you hate people who hate and accuse everyone who disagrees with you of hate, you are the one who is guilty.

If you use fascist tactics to "oppose fascism", YOU are the guilty party, not them.

In all of this, you will note there is no give and take.  There is no connection, or circulation.  There is not an exchange of opinions.  Trump could be a stuffed moose sitting in a museum and it is hard to see how the rhetoric would change.  It doesn't matter what he says or does, because those who hate him--who hate the idea of ideational diversity, and hate even more the idea that their cause is unjust, and their crusades damaging to the very people for whom they claim to speak--are not listening.

It has apparently not occurred to them yet to accuse Trump of not listening, but it would be a logical extension of the\ fundamental process of projecting onto ideological Others all their fears, manias, aggressions, and other unprocessed emotions.

I was walking in the park the other day and saw a guy with a t-shirt that said in enormous letters "Black Lives Matter", and underneath it "Unapologetic Radical", and I thought: there is a guy who has built a wall around his core self, and instituted perennial rage as an alternative to feeling whatever is going on inside.  He isn't helping black people.  And Radicalism is the result of the inability to embrace gradualism, which is the only creed historically which actually works.  It is the inability to touch nuance, to relate to other human beings in an honest and genuinely loving way.  It is the mark of an outcast, of someone whose social brain has not developed properly, who does not really understand human feelings, and who substitutes abstraction in their stead.

Very few of us, today, confront genuine injustice in our personal lives, other than perhaps bad bosses.  But the world, of course, is filled with both genuine and manufactured injustices.  And if you want access to Perma-Rage, then simply create impossible demands, and rail continually against the fact that they have not been met.  This is a loop out of personal development, out of inner work, and it readily supports infantilism, and absolute emotional stagnation, all while presenting to the person internally the excitement of being "useful" and part of a grand romantic crusade.

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